The Secret To Losing Weight Is In Your Inner Mind Programming



Inner Mind Programming

Many people who become overweight look to a diet to ‘fix’ their problem but as many as 95 percent of them find out that is the wrong place to look for a solution to their struggles with weight and food issues. After all, whatever you have been doing in the past has likely not worked for you; as if it had you would no longer be having this battle with yourself and your weight.Your problem has visible symptoms, your overweight ‘outer’ body.

The build-up of excess body fat has made it this way but the fat is not the problem – it is the symptom. When you think about it, the fat build up on your body is not there solely because of what is on your plate, it is there because of the actions you take with food and exercise. These issues are driven from deep inside you – in your inner mind programming. Because all of this is on an unconscious level you may not even be aware of it.

What you think and believe is what drives your actions (or inaction) with both food and exercise. If you are eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoiding exercise of course you are going to become overweight. The problem then is really deep down inside you are the very CORE of who you are.

But the very good news is just as the problem lies within you, the solution also lies with you.

Once this broken bit in your ‘mind programming’ is fixed you will start making better food choices, enjoy exercise and stop sabotaging yourself. You will find it easy to take the healthy actions that you already know how to do but just can keep them consistent at the moment.

Once you make some changes to the way you think and believe you will be amazed at how easy it is as those healthy actions become more and more automatic and consistent and the struggle with yourself just fades away. Being able to maintain these healthy actions is what is going to melt the fat off your body and return you to your natural slim self.

Hopefully you can now see why attempting new diet and exercise programs never seems to fix the problem as nothing has been changed with the ‘inner’ part of you. These temporary things can only ever have short term results because your faulty inner mind programming is going to override your good intentions and revert back to your more ingrained and familiar brain patterns time and time again.

To be able to lose weight and more importantly keep it off – you need to believe and keep on believing the changes you need to make to your lifestyle are worth doing for the long haul. So, that means we need to fix up your ‘inner’ programming that is working against you rather than for you at the moment.

Once you get rid of whatever it is in your brain that is holding you back and getting in your way you will in effect, have the mind software of a naturally slim person and the weight will just melt away. The path to the slim, fit, healthy, feel-good body will be clear for you to follow. This is what you want, isn’t it? Once you are on the journey to that sustainable fat loss that you really want you won’t believe how easy and effortless it will be. Just go back to he ‘home’ page of this website for further information on “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible”  for the tools and strategies to reclaim your slim fit body.


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