Is Your Mind Helping Or Hindering Your Weight Loss Attempts?


Are you one of those people who decide to lose weight, find the perfect diet plan, toss out the naughty stuff and pick a start day full of high hopes and enthusiasm as you begin yet another weight loss attempt? Are you also the person who just a short time later finds that burst of enthusiasm fade away and you are de-railed yet again finding you are unable to make all of your plans ‘stick’?

Sometimes you may have lost some weight initially but that soon rebounds back again usually with some extra to boot. Often we have no idea of why our good intentions fail and we continue to slowly but surely put on weight and feel more miserable about it.

Well, the reason that this happens is because of your ‘inner’ mind programming. We are all wired deep in our subconscious mind with our ideas, our thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitude and self-beliefs and all these things mould over time into a template of ‘what to do in every circumstance’.

For better or worse our mind software template drives and effects our actions (or inactions) in every part of our lives. Because it is automatic we often don’t realise our subconscious mind is totally in control of our decisions we make every day.

Sometimes this template gets a bit blurred, kind of like a copy made from a copy many times over. Incorrect information about nutrition, dieting and what proper exercise really is combined with some plain old self-delusion mix together and form roadblocks in our mind. So when we decide to lose weight these things work against us and derail us no matter how many diets and exercise programs we might begin.

The symptoms of this are we become overweight and we cannot stick at the healthy life and body actions we need to do to get rid of the weight. If we have been eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoiding exercise we need to ‘fix’ up the reasons why we sabotage ourselves like this before we can lose weight and KEEP IT OFF.

Diets and exercise programs do not address this and that is the reason they have a 95 percent failure rate. They do not take our inner mind programming into account. When that is not changed we have no show of sticking to our ‘action plan’ (healthy eating and exercise) and fall off the wagon over and over again. We then become members of the yo-yo weight gain/loss club that leads to more misery.

The only way to get off this frustrating merry-go-round is to get to know ourselves a whole lot better. We need to dig down deep and ‘flesh out’ the self-beliefs that are getting in our way of getting that slim, fit, healthy, feel-good body that we want so badly. Once we make some changes to our inner mind programming we are then a match on the inside for what we want to happen on the outside.

If it is a slim, fit body that you want then you need to make sure your mind is working with you and not against you. This will allow you to make the right decisions about what you eat and how you exercise every single day. This truly is weight loss without struggle and once you have experienced how effective it can be you will never go back to the on-going, no win battle you are now waging with yourself.

You will be on autopilot, doing the right things and the weight will just melt away. This is a life changer and I so want to share this new and important information with you so you can experience it for yourself. Just go back to the home page to read all about it or download the free report.

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