Lose Weight Easily – Change Your Mind-set


Most of us already know how to lose weight. At its simplest, you need to burn more calories each day than you eat, right? And good nutrition combined with proper exercise is the healthiest way to do that, right? These two things are the action steps you need to take to be able to lose weight. But the problem is successful weight loss does not start with your body…  it starts with your mind.

As we are all aware, our mind is a powerful thing – it can take us to success or limit us to failure, depending on how we think our thoughts together with our attitude. What you think about yourself can mean the difference between reaching your fitness and weight loss goals and quitting before you even get started. So, how do you get your mind right to make healthy eating and regular exercise a consistent part of your life so you can lose weight and get into better physical shape?

To lose weight you need the right mind-set

Firstly, you need the right mind-set to lose weight and keep it off for the long-term, diet plans and exercise programs are not enough. Most overweight people would love to lose weight but at the back of their mind is inner resistance often built up and deeply ingrained over a long period of time. They wish to avoid the sacrifice and effort necessary to lose weight, and they lack the self-discipline necessary to stick to a healthy eating plan and a couple of proper exercise (strength training) sessions each week.

As the mind and body are so closely linked the first step towards a positive change in your body is to have your mind lead the way. You need positive feelings and thoughts where a healthier lifestyle that includes healthy foods and more physical activity become core to your needs. In other words you need the support of your inner programming …your mind… to support you to achieve this.

So, to lose weight we need a more positive set of emotions on the inside that include higher levels of self-esteem and self-worth. This means a new way of talking to yourself and instead of disliking your overweight, feel-bad body you begin to work with it towards how you would really like it to be.

You will need good reasons to lose weight

If you do not wish to continue gaining weight you will need to ask yourself some serious questions about why you want to lose weight, how it will make you feel and how your life will be different if you do. Once you have established your “WHYS” you will more easily begin changing your lifestyle which will in turn allow you to lose that excess fat weight.

Your overall desire to make these changes must be compelling and must be clear. You need a picture in your mind of why you are doing it and what the benefits will be both if you do it and if you do not do it. When you think of your WHYS” they must make you feel better than eating the wrong types of food, too much of them and avoiding exercise.

If you go back to the home page on this website you will be able to read about my ebook called “The Weight loss Motivation Bible” that faces the problems that you are now facing with your struggle to lose weight and it provides the solution. It will teach you how to overcome the inner resistance and get rid of the thoughts that continue to sabotage your success.

You can make your quest to lose weight an easy and effortless path when you teach your mind to cooperate with you and your body. This is a new, unique and productive approach to losing weight without the stress and inner resistance that usually accompanies the mass produced diets and mainstream weight loss techniques.

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