Is Exercise Motivation Something That Is Eluding You?


You already know that to live a healthy life; in a strong, fit, slim, healthy body you need proper exercise at least a couple of times a week. Right?  Getting exercise motivation is always easy though when you are planning it for the future. You know – the “I’ll start next week”, or “I’ll start Monday” scenarios. You may even get excited just planning it….right up until it is time to follow through and actually DO IT.

It is then that the exercise motivation you had in abundance a few days ago is suddenly nowhere to be found. You may wonder why this happens to you and what you can do about it. After all you do want the benefits that living in a strong, fit body brings – weight loss/maintenance, all-over body strength, better mental and emotional health, greater disease protection, more energy, longevity and so on. You DO WANT all these things so why can’t you just get your butt into the gym on a regular basis so you can enjoy them?

You are wondering “Where’s my share of exercise motivation?”

You may know other people that seem to have oodles of exercise motivation and wonder how they can have it and you just struggle. Think of it this way – if you could put your brain software into the fit persons brain what do you think would happen? Yes, that’s right they would lose their exercise motivation and their body would downgrade its strength and fitness together with the health problems that will follow at some point down the road.

The reverse also applies, what if you could put the strong, fit person’s brain software into your brain what do you think would happen? Yes, spot on, you would have an instant regular exercise habit that you enjoy immensely and you particularly love the way it makes you look and how it makes you feel just like it does for them.

The reasons for a lack of exercise motivation begin and end with your inner mind programming – your brain. This is after all, where your thoughts, feelings and self-beliefs originate along with your fears, doubts and anxieties. Somewhere something is a little ‘out of kilter’ with the wiring and it going to cause you problems until you identify it and fix it.

If you suffer from less than perfect health, are overweight, lack energy or simply don’t feel as good as you know you should without a doubt you should look at your strength and fitness. This can only come from a regular proper muscle building and maintaining exercise program and it you can’t get your butt in to the gym 2-3 times each week for 30-40 minutes there is something blocking your exercise motivation.

Some obstacle, some roadblock in your inner mind software that will continue to self-sabotage you no matter how many exercise programs or gym memberships you purchase. If this wasn’t so, why then would you not want a strong, fit, slim, healthy body that enjoys great health? Not just ‘survive each day’ health, but one bursting with energy and vitality so you can live life to the fullest.

Reprogram yourself with exercise motivation

Rather than continuing trying endless action plans like diets and exercise programs spend some time on taking action to drop the inner programming that is hindering your exercise motivation. This is the CORE of what is keeping you stuck in an unfit maybe even overweight feel-bad body. Then you simply replace those obstacles with the programs that a fit, healthy, happy person ‘runs’. This is how you can get greater results in the body, by first changing your MIND.

Once you do this you will have exercise motivation in abundance. You will WANT to DO IT. There will be no more ‘deals’ with yourself, no more telling yourself to JUST DO IT (none of which work anyway). How different would your life be if you naturally and effortlessly lived in action that supported what you WANT for your life and your health? What if you no longer even had to THINK about it – you simply lived as a person who is pre-programmed to be fit and healthy in a feel-good body.

I can give you a roadmap that will take you to this place in the shortest possible time. You will have exercise motivation pretty much instantly and how easy it is will astound you. Just go back to the home page on this website where you will find my ebook called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible”. In it are all the tools and strategies for that mind software upgrade that will change your life…starting today.





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