Diet And Exercise Programs Are Not The Way To Lose Weight


If you are overweight and have been on and off numerous diet and exercise programs and you are still carrying around that excess fat weight, at some point you have to acknowledge that this approach is not working for you. After all there are thousands of diet plans and exercise programs available and if they worked why would anyone be overweight?

How many diet programs have you been on?

The reason that diet plans do not work for most people is because food and exercise only address the symptom – your overweight body – and do not address the real problem which is deep down at THE CORE which is in your mind. If the problems down at the root are not identified and fixed adding another diet or exercise program is really only adding extra layers on top of a foundation of beliefs that will resist them and cause them to fail every single time.

Your mind rules your body. When you try and fight that you already know what happens. You start a new diet or exercise plan fully motivated and determined to be successful this time but a few days/weeks/months down the track you fall off the wagon and return to your old behaviors and any weight lost is quickly put back on. And the worst part is you also return to the struggle that you are having and most likely been having for a long time.

There is a basic reason why this happens and why you behave like you do with food/diet/exercise. You are not behaving in a way a fit, trim, healthy person behaves. If you were you would not be overweight. The key to all of that is in your own mind….

First, you need to identify where exactly what this faulty mind programming is. Of course you are not going to know what this is without a little help from someone who knows about these things and can help you with a proven system to get right down to the core of the matter.

Another diet is not going to cut it

No, this is not a diet, not at all. If a diet was the solution it would have already worked right? After all you can have the healthiest and best ‘diet plan’ in the world sitting right in front of you , but if you are not able to follow through with that plan – if you cannot DO IT and DO IT consistently, then how would you ever solve your overweight problem?

Instead when you get down to the nitty gritty that has been causing you to get and stay in your own way for so long, then it will become really easy to ditch this endless struggle with food and your weight forever. Imagine how good that is going to feel when you no longer have to worry about these things?

Once you have made those fundamental cores shifts on the inside of YOU – you change your inner programming so it matches what you want on the outside of YOU then you:

  • Will automatically take healthy actions each and every single day without a struggle with YOU
  • Will see the fat drop off and you will be excited at every step of your journey
  • Will be amazed at how powerful this system is and your inner changes will be so powerful and strong you will not even consider eating in the ways you are used to and how you are currently eating today.

Be assured all of this is possible once you take the necessary steps to fix what is holding you back on the inside from taking action on the outside to create the body you dream of. Once you do that you will wonder how you ever got so stuck and caught up in those painful and frustrating behaviors that have kept you trapped in an overweight feel-bad body for so long.

Just imagine how good it is going to feel when you are so happy and excited to be living in that feel-good, slim, strong, healthy body. It will seem like that person you were in the past was somebody else and you will not and cannot ever go back.

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