A Diet Is Not What You Need To Lose Weight Permanently


We know that losing weight is hard – that it is an uphill struggle if we go on a diet. We also know that 9½ times out of ten any weight lost on that diet will return. And to add insult to injury we get some more weight added so we actually end up fatter at the end of a diet than we were before.

What’s going on here? Well, for starters every time we go on a diet or reduce our food intake too much (maybe even a hundred calories per day too much) our body starts working against us. It senses a food shortage looming so it starts to button down the hatches in preparation. Energy output is slowed and hormones are activated to increase appetite to get you to try harder to find food.

A diet is not your friend

These responses are part of our ancient blueprint to help our survival when food was often in short supply. Our body has not changed its genetic software program. It has no idea you only want to go on a diet to fit into your skinny jeans and there is a fridge food of food in the next room and there is no danger of starvation. We now know one hundred percent that a diet is not the best way to go about losing excess body fat.

So, I hear you saying, “What does work then”? You may not want to hear what does work but you have to slowly change your body’s body fat ‘set point’ its default state.  It can only come down slowly over a period of time – just like it went up – over a period of time. A diet will not do this as it shocks the body and it holds on to its fat stores tighter than ever.

But the very good news is that can be done in an easy and effortless way if you go about it the right way. If you are now overweight it is because something in your inner mind programming has allowed you to become this way. In order to permanently lose weight we need to change our habits, particularly to do with food and exercise. This is the most overlooked part of most weight loss programs.

We often think that simply telling ourselves to JUST DO IT is enough. But if it was enough for permanent weight loss, then why would anyone have a problem being stuck in an overweight, unhealthy, feel-bad body? Who would want that?

What we want is effortless weight loss which:

  • requires no force or telling yourself to DO IT
  • is inspired action that comes from within
  • is the end of the endless search for “weight loss motivation”. When you are inspired to act that inspiration is 100 times more powerful than forced “motivation”.
  • effortless weight loss lasts. You lose weight, create the body of your dreams and you keep it…struggle-free, effortlessly.

Not a diet plan in sight

Here’s how we can do this. When you transform your inside to match up with the result you want on the outside (weight loss) then you achieve inner alignment and congruence…and when you do THAT, you cannot NOT get the outcome you so desperately desire. The outcome of a fit, strong healthy body, your dream body, all achieved with effortless, struggle-free action and not a diet plan in sight.

Of course you will not know how to do this without some help from someone who holds the key to this doorway. This is where I come in with my ebook called “The Weightloss Motivation Bible” which will help you identify the obstacles that are making you go off track and keeping you stuck in a body you may not like very much.

Once you give yourself a mind software ‘upgrade’ and identify what you really want for your life you will WANT to do the ‘action’ things with food and exercise that will get you that slim, feel-good body. You are going to be amazed at how easy it is once you change your mind and attitude and get off the diet treadmill for good. Once you are on the right path you will NEVER want to be back where you are today with your food/weight issues.

Your struggles with your inability to lose weight will be behind you when you learn how to get out of your own way and that is a very exciting prospect I think you will agree. To read more about this program just go back to the homepage on this website. You can be downloading it on to your computer in just a few minutes from now and get your NEW LIFE started right away.



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