Weight Loss – Why Is It So Hard?


If you are like millions of other overweight people out there you have dieted at least once (likely many more times than once) in your life. And what you have likely found is that diets do not work and they did not make you slimmer for the long-term.

They may have worked a tad in the beginning and achieved some weight loss but as soon as your body caught on to what was happening, sensing the food shortage it put the brakes on fat loss and you regained it all back again. This just means that diets are really short term measures that do not work for the long-term and that is the reason why 95 percent of them don’t work.

For many people this weight loss thing is a struggle, it is hard to stay consistent day in and day out and it all seems an uphill battle. There seems to be a continual battle going on inside you between the part of you that DOES want to live in a strong, fit healthy slim body and the part of you that wants to eat whatever, whenever and avoid exercise.

Weight loss is impossible without the right mind-set

To get your desired weight loss for the long term and that slim trim body NOTHING in the way of diets and exercise programs are going to work long-term unless you are a match on the inside …in your mind… to the result you are seeking on the outside.

There is no question about it – if you have not been able to succeed at weight loss what your results show is that you are missing the most important ingredient for weight loss to happen…the inner you. You need a software upgrade so you can take your self-image that at present is a match for that overweight, inconsistent, feel-bad, unhealthy body that you have on the outside and make it a new match for your brand new slim, feel-good, healthy body.

If you don’t get this mind software upgrade you are programmed to fail, you can keep on trying to succeed at weight loss but it is likely that you will keep boomeranging back to where you are right now…and could even feel worse after yet another failed attempt.

How you can ditch the diet and get permanent weight loss instead

It’s plain and simple; if you desire that slim body, be done with your weight struggles and food issues once and for all you will need to do the necessary steps to change your mind-set so that it matches the body of your dreams.

When you do that you will be living your life treating yourself with the respect you deserve. You will be free of the struggle so you can take action on your dreams instead of having your number one goal to jump on the next new diet or exercise regime.

Can you imagine how good that will feel? You should be excited and filled with enthusiasm as if you go back to the home page of this website you will find the solution to your problem in my ebook called “The Weigh Loss Motivation Bible” that will give you that mind upgrade so you can follow through, stay consistent and finally see that excess fat weight drop off and stay off…forever.


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