Weight Loss Solutions To Rethink


There is so much misleading information out there about weight loss solutions. Trends come and go. Let’s see now, are carbohydrates the source of dietary evil – or is it still fat? Is protein’s popularity over or is it just beginning? Does your blood type matter when you are looking for weight loss solutions, or should you just count calories?

If you feel confused that is no surprise. New weight loss solutions come and go with the seasons along with those annoying infomercials with their endless array of exercise gadgets all promising to help you shed unwanted fat.  Contradictory and incomplete weight loss solutions are everywhere and the average overweight person is likely to simply throw up their hands in despair and continue to eat ‘whatever, whenever’ and stay glued to the couch.

What are the weight loss solutions that do work?

Firstly, we should forget about finding miracle cures and instant fixes for what is nothing more than ongoing lifestyle habits. We must stop falling for the fairytales that perpetuate an endless cycle of weight loss and gain. There is no “magic bullet” such as single-faceted diets or extreme measures and these things are not good weight loss solutions as they mess up the metabolism, generate cravings and sap energy levels.

Old rule: Go on a diet to lose weight
New rule: To lose weight, choose a healthy eating plan

Most mainstream diets are poor weight loss solutions as they call for a drastic reduction in calories which deprives the body of the very nutrients it needs to release and process unwanted body fat. There is an extreme downside when you eat too little or skip meals. It throws the body into a starvation-like fat conservation mode and your body simply compensates by cutting back on its energy output. This state also triggers chemical processes that increase appetite forcing you to eat more with the end result – weight gain.

Old rule: Cardio exercise to burn calories
New rule: Strength training exercise to increase the metabolism and burn more fat round the clock

Strength training exercise is the ONLY one that can boost the metabolism and the rate you burn fuel for the long-haul. It will increase fuel burning both when you are active and when you are resting. Low intensity, long duration “cardio” activities only burn fuel while you are performing them and when you stop the fuel burning also stops. Cardio type activities do not make you stronger and when you become stronger with proper exercise all other activities become easier and more enjoyable so you WANT to be more active overall.

Best weight loss solutions

Old rule: Weight loss is about changing your body
New rule: Weight loss is about changing your life

Many people think they should lose weight to become healthier, but you in fact have to get healthy to lose weight successfully. It all comes down to the health of your metabolism (your bodies engine) and eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoiding exercise is one sure fire way to get and continue to get fatter.

The best weight loss solutions mean your nutritional needs do increase along with your activity levels, so it’s important to eat small, frequent meals that include whole-food carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. This is what will fuel your energy, curb cravings and keep your metabolism high to burn excess fat the fastest.  

When we have had enough of miracle diets and useless exercise regimes the wisest among us settle into the kinds of sable weight loss solutions that bring real and lasting results and that we can live with long-term. This means your personal health and wellbeing needs to go up the totem pole of priorities in your life so taking care of YOU is always going to be the ‘pick of the bunch’ of available weight loss solutions.

Finding the right motivation

To help you create the new mind-set that will not only have you lose the weight but KEEP IT OFF for the long term go back to the home page on this website where you will find an ebook called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible”. In it are all the tools and strategies for you to make lifestyle changes in the easiest and most effortless way. Once you make these changes you will have at your finger tips the very best of weight loss solutions on offer today. You can download the book and be on your way to that dream body within minutes from now. You’ll be so glad you did.

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