Weight Loss Motivation – How You Can Up Your Levels


We usually don’t think of our mind as being an important tool for weight loss motivation but it is very important and here’s why. You could think of our subconscious mind as a computer, creating the daily actions of our habits. Deep down as this level we mostly aren’t aware of it functioning. But it is there and truly in control.

We usually think of being overweight and out of shape as being a problem of what we put on our plate and what we are eating and while this is partly true it is more to do with what is programmed into our mind software.

Our thoughts, feelings, self-beliefs, motivation and confidence as well as our fears and anxieties are all controlled by our inner programming. This is why people start new diets and exercise programs but lack weight loss motivation and do not follow through and make it consistent. Therefore they don’t get the weight loss results they are looking for.

How you can increase your weight loss motivation

We have trouble with long-term weight loss motivation because the ‘inner’ mind programming does not match with what is desired on the ‘outer’ – our physical body. Our mind and body are closely linked and they have to be working together if you want to lose weight.

The idea is that once the road blocks are identified in our thinking (and therefore our actions) we can change our habits by feeding our brain positive suggestions that become accepted by our subconscious mind and they in turn become incorporated into our everyday behaviours.

Once this mind software upgrade is done it accelerates positive change in our lives especially with things like weight loss motivation to create long-lasting changes in our behaviour and enhance our ability to achieve desired goals in life.

We know that once you transform your inside to match up with the result you want on the outside than you achieve inner alignment and congruence…and when you do that, you CANNOT NOT GET the outcome you so desperately desire. The outcome of a slim, fit, strong, healthy body…your dream body, all achieved with effortless, struggle-free action backed up with loads of weight loss motivation.

Without change at this inner level we simply keep doing what we have been doing and getting what we have been getting. We add new diets and exercise programs, do them for a few days/weeks but without deep down weight loss motivation we simply drift back to our old ingrained comfortable habits.

The outcome is we then end up ‘how we were’ at best or even heavier at worst. This is the yo-yo diet effect that so many of us have experienced which causes us frustration each time we try and try again and every single time we fail to achieve what we want.

Weight loss motivation secrets all bound up in an ebook

It is unlikely that you will know how to make change at an unconscious level as it is likely no-one has ever shown you or given you the tools to make these changes. This is why my ebook called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible” is not about dieting. It is about changing your approach…your thinking….your self-beliefs…your mind-set to generate maximum weight loss motivation to propel your effortlessly to your goal.

Just go back to the home page on this website and you can read all about it. You will discover the strategies and tools to give yourself this mind software upgrade to free yourself from the on-going struggle with food and your weight. Sometimes to get started all you have to say to yourself is – enough is enough!


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