Weight Loss – Are You Programmed For Success Or Failure?


With around two thirds of the population in the overweight category many people are desperately trying to lose weight. They purchase diet plans, exercise programs, CD’S, DVD’s, gym memberships, books and apps for their phones and ipods. Many of these weight loss aids promise that you will lose weight and most of them will work if YOU DO THEM.

A diet is just a Band-Aid for weight loss

And that is the problem most people cannot do them, not for long anyway. A few days/weeks and they have fallen off the wagon and fallen back into their old bad habits. The reason for this is all of these weight loss plans and programs are merely a Band-Aid for your symptoms (your overweight body) and can only offer a short term fix.

They do not and cannot offer a long term solution as they do not address where your overweight problem has originated from…your mind….your inner programming. No matter how many short term fixes are embarked on at some point that software that is running in your mind will override it and revert back to what is easy and more comfortable. And in a nut shell that is the reason for an overweight body in the first place.

This internal programming is the most important part of any life change and especially weight loss as no program or plan is going to stick for the long-haul and that is what is needed to lose weight.  All of your daily actions are generated by your brain and if you are operating under faulty programming that has got and is keeping you stuck, overweight and unhappy in a feel-bad body then no diet or exercise plan can ‘fix’ that.

What you are trying to do when you hop on the latest diet or exercise program is you are attempting to create change in your life (weight loss) with the same mind filled with the same thoughts, self- beliefs and feelings that created the problem in the first place. You can have the most knowledge in the world about weight loss or have the very best eating plan right on your doorstep but those things mean NOTHING if you can’t follow through and DO IT.

Not one of the mainstream diets and exercise plans offers reprogramming of your mind software. They just expect that you need to make up your mind and just DO IT. But you try, then fail and are left feeling even more miserable than before as you have likely lost some weight then quickly gained it all back on again with some extra to boot.

FACT: If you could take healthy action steps with both your food/eating and exercise without any struggle or strife then you would be doing that NOW. (Why in the world wouldn’t you, if it were effortless and easy?)  But until you make fundamental change on the INSIDE of YOU then each time you attempt a weight loss program you will only be laying more stuff on top of a foundation of beliefs that will resist that change…every single time.

Why is that? Well, there is a basic reason why you behave today as you are doing with food/easting/exercise instead of behaving in a manner that a fit, trim, and healthy person behaves. The key to all of that is in your own mind…change that, and you will crack the weight loss code…once and for all.

Reprogram your mind for weight loss

Of course you are not going to know how to do this alone. Not all of us are born with this natural inbuilt weight loss knowledge and may need a little help to get from where you are now stuck in a body you don’t like very much to that slim, trim, sexy body of your dreams.

Just go back to the home page on this website to read about my ebook called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible”. This book will give you all the information and tools you need to change your mind and get to the CORE of any underlying destructive patterns you may have with food and your body. Once they are cleared away you will be set up for weight loss in a struggle-free way.  You simply won’t believe how easy it will be to finally ditch that unwanted fat and how easy it will be to step into the body of your dreams.



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