Never before in history have we been so unhealthy – but do we even care?

How did we get so fat?

Many people live unhealthy lifestyles but seem satisfied with their level of health and wellness as long as they are free from symptoms of disease. Although getting a major life-threatening disease is the number one thing most people are afraid of they do not contemplate change until they suffer a major health issue.

Yet it is our present lifestyle habits that dictate the health and wellness of tomorrow. It is what is done and what is not done each and every day through the years particularly in the way of proper exercise and healthy eating that tips the balance as to whether we are climbing a mountain at 70 or spending our time with doctors, tests, hospitals and procedures.

Look at it this way – true health is much more than the mere absence of disease, yet we take major risks with our heath continuing on doing things and not doing things that are not good for us while in the back of our mind we sometimes think. “So far so good, I have made it this far” with a sense of relief. Yes, that may be so, but for how long?

Our modern world has changed things so much, we sit most of the day hardly ever having to ‘move a muscle’ and eat so called ‘foods’ in pretty boxes and packets. These concoctions barely resemble real food,  contain little to zero nutrition and are full of chemicals that are completely foreign to our bodies. We shove them into our mouths without a thought for the consequences somewhere down the track.

We see our friends, even members of our own families being taken way before their time inflicted with tragic diseases. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and dozens of other diseases that are in fact conditions we give ourselves and are epidemic in our world which is why they are called ‘chronic lifestyle diseases’. Yet we continue to live in ‘denial’ that we have any influence over our fate.  These diseases wait in the shadows stalking us until we weaken from not keeping our bodies strong with proper exercise and nourished with proper nutrition from real foods. It is predicted 400 million people will die in the next decade from these self-inflicted diseases.

And the very worst thing out of all of this is the sad fact that we are passing oru unhealthy ways on to future generations. Children being born today have a predicted shortened lifespan of 20-30 years. With all of our technology and other incredible achievements we are leaving future members of our species with a legacy of unhealthiness that cannot be matched in previous generations.

Somehow we think that doctors and drugs are the key and are there to fix us up when the wheels fall off. But they are only there to treat our sickness, not our health. By the time symptoms of disease show themselves the human body is in such a broken down state from decades of neglect that there is not a doctor or drug in the world that can heal it.

It is up to each and every one of us to take care of business, our own self health care and there are two crucial things we can all do to protect ourselves. One is proper exercise that contains mostly strength training exercise to keep our bodies strong and healthy. The other important habit is to get rid of as much processed “nonfoods” food as possible from our daily diet and replace them with quality fresh foods that we cook from scratch. Getting our butts back into the kitchen is vital for our health.

Only when we improve these areas in our own lives will the children around us whether they are our own children or grandchildren be influenced to lead healthier lives that do not end decades early with premature and preventable disease. It is too late for this present generation but it is not too late to start the tide turning so the health of future generations is better than what we have created for ourselves today.

We humans seem to spend a lot of time worrying about many things. Things like making enough money to live a good life, being a good parent, or enjoying our life. But it makes sense that all of these goals mean nothing if our body falls to bits before we achieve them. Our health should come first as without it nothing else really matters.

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To your health




  1. my love my live suad

  2. I couldn’t agree more. As as natural therapist I gave great advice and have said countless times over the past couple of years I needed to make some life style changes. Naturally I did nothing but talk about doing it.Then I found a lump and was diagnosed with DCIS. Because of two other suspension spots in that same breast the recommendation is mastectomy. I have opted out for natural treatments and frankly feel better now than I have for years and am not feeling deprived one little bit. Yes it takes more time for meal preparation, no I am not diligent about the exercise . I slack off again and I feel it so I am listening to my body and strongly suggest you do the same. Don’t wait until it’s too late and have to be mutilated or on drugs for the remainder of your life.

  3. carrienz says

    Thank you Penny for your story. I will help remind us all how important this is.

  4. Flavio Encinas says

    Distinguida Señora Carolina:

    En primer lugar va para usted mi gratitud por hacerme llegar un mensaje
    que trata fundamentalmente de la buena salud.

    Nuestra salud debe ser lo primero ya que sin ella nada es ni será más
    importante. En el mundo moderno en que vivimos con un alto porcentaje
    de pobre y desnutrición es que estamos frente a las enfermedades de
    estilo de vida crónica. Nadie quiere reflexionar que
    La Promoción de la Salud y la Prevención de la Enfermedad son todas aquellas acciones, procedimientos e intervenciones integrales, orientadas a que la población, como individuos y como familias, mejoren sus condiciones para vivir y disfrutar de una vida saludable y para mantenerse sanos.


  5. Flavio Encinas says

    Distinguida señora Carolina:
    Siento mucho mi comentario esta distorsionado, no es lo que dije exactamente.

  6. carrienz says

    Hi Flavio

    Thank you for your comment but I am unable to read it. Please can you write it in English so we all may enjoy it.


  7. Excellent Post Carolyn

  8. Dear Carolyn, I second you on everything stated in article but mainly on your paragraph “It is up to each and every one to take care of bussines and our own self health care, ie proper exercises, get rid of “ non foods“. Re “simgle vitamin“ as “veggies“ ie make you virtually immune to diseases… also true; in spite of not knowing which that single vitamin are you talking about … being a multi vitamin – veggies taker along with lots of walks/up and down stairs exercises, I sure can say have (as has) refrained me from getting sick in all ways. Yet must say as well that to accomplish the goals setforth in your article also depends a lot on the education received when growing up, for it is from there onward of how your life in general will come about as you grow and maintain yourself healthy, no matter and in spite of the wishy-washy non foods available today to make your life more out going. 🙂

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