Looking For Motivation To Lose Weight – Here Is Where You Can Find It


Many people fit into the two thirds of us who are in the ‘overweight’ category and we would love to lose weight. Many of us have also experienced the frustration of having gone on and gone off diets. We may have lost some weight but then once we return to our ‘normal’ eating habits it quickly returns usually accompanied by some extra as well.

We know we need to do the ‘right’ things if we wish to lose weight and we also know we maybe are eating the wrong types of food, too much of them and avoiding exercise particularly of the muscle building and maintaining kind. We know we need to do this to keep our metabolism from slowing down which would help us lose weight.

We feel motivation to do these ‘right’ things from time to time but it usually comes in short spurts, much like a surfer surfing a wave. We catch the next big one, have a great ride in to the beach then as it goes back out we are left sitting on our board with no momentum wondering what to do next.

To lose weight you need the 80/20 rule

To be able to lose weight for the long haul those ‘right’ things have to be done pretty much 80 percent of the time. You have 20 percent leeway, you can eat whatever, whenever and miss the odd workout but overall your lifestyle should be 80 percent on track if you wish the weight loss ‘to stick’.

But you haven’t been able to do this. Not today anyway and you know you won’t be doing it tomorrow or any time soon without some changes being made. But how on earth do you turn this thing around you may be wondering. Well, firstly the number one problem is that you are having trouble doing the ‘right’ things on a consistent basis because your inner mind programming is not matching up with what you want to happen on the outside , and that is to get into great shape.

There are some blockages or road blocks that are there and they are causing you not to be able to do those ‘right’ things on a consistent basis so you can lose weight. Those inner road blocks will continue to self-sabotage your efforts as long as they are in place. But, imagine how good it would feel to be free of that struggle with food, your weight and finally be able to lose weight?

Here’s how you can lose weight

Well, you can be free and you can easily fix this inner programming and give your mind software an upgrade so it matches what you want to happen to your body and that is to lose weight. Once you know HOW there will be no more struggle and no force needed to get you doing the ‘right’ things.

You will WANT to do these ‘right’ things because you will WANT to live in a strong, fit, healthy, slim body instead of a feel-bad unhappy overweight one. This will no longer be acceptable to you and you will effortlessly follow through doing the things you know you need to do to achieve that body of your dreams. You will have that elusive motivation in buckets that you need to lose weight permanently.

To find out how you can acquire this strong and lasting motivation to lose weight simply go back to the home page of this website and you will have access to my ebook called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible”. You can simply download it and be reading it within minutes and you will be so glad you did as it is going to change everything for you in your quest to lose weight. It has all the strategies and tools that will allow you to reclaim your slim, trim body and that is what you want most of all isn’t it?


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