Is Your Mind-set Keeping You Fat?


If you are going nowhere with weight loss or fitness goals it may be that what is inside your head – your mind-set needs a workout, not just your body. Most people don’t realize how vital their mind is when it comes to losing weight or increasing fitness. To be successful at anything in life your head has to be and stay in a good place.

Even the best nutrition and exercise regime won’t help you stay in shape long term if you haven’t got your head around the necessary lifestyle changes that you need to accept to make it all ‘stick’.

So many people start eating plans and exercise programs and although they may get some results in the short term, they mostly fall off the wagon because their mind-set is not working for them but against them. Adding layer after layer of action plans (eating and exercise plans) on top of faulty mind-set programming means people end up sabotaging themselves time and time again.

If you are overweight you need to ask yourself some serious questions about what you REALLY want for your life. You also need to look at the habits and patterns that you are dragging around with you that are getting in the way of achieving your weight loss and fitness goals. After all your mind is where all of your feelings, emotions, thoughts and self-beliefs are stored and they are what drive your actions (or inaction).

Your mind-set is keeping you fat

After all you CANNOT BE overweight if your life-style doesn’t allow it. You may be eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoiding exercise – all the things that allow you to become and stay overweight. So the first thing to do is to find those limiting self-beliefs and get rid of them and replace them with a new mind-set that will allow you not only to lose weight but to KEEP IT OFF.

You could think of your brain a bit like a computer that needs a software upgrade. You need the same or similar program that a naturally slim person ‘runs’. It is hard to believe but it can be done and done very easily when you know how. Once you do this you will find losing weight or increasing fitness easy and effortless. You will WANT to take the healthy body and life actions that will help you achieve that fit, strong, slim, healthy, feel-good body.

Let your mind-set get you slim

There is absolutely no doubt about it, you can think yourself slim and healthy or you can think yourself overweight and ill. In the last decade, neuroscientists have discovered that when we run new thought patterns we have the capacity to create an almost infinite number of new neural connections in your brain. The old neural pathways that you have now are like grooves in a record, and if you are struggling with food/exercise/weight issues, you have been playing the same tired “old records” over and over again.

If you are getting the same negative results in your life – such as the inability to lose weight for the long-term and get back into better physical shape, then you have probably been un-consciously running old negative inner mind programs and reinforcing them with negative thought patterns.

You can begin the positive mental reprogramming process so you can finally lose weight by going back to the home page on this website and downloading my eBook called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible” where all the strategies and tools are there to change your internal dialogue so you can begin to lose that weight and get that slim, healthy body. Brand new, positive thoughts, feelings, images and self-beliefs will create a new mind-set along with the new neural patterns that will lead you to that body of all your dreams.

You won’t believe how easy and effortless it will be and you are about to be so excited when you get your hands on this book and get started on your journey. The path through the forest will be clear and you will wish you could have discovered it years ago and saved yourself that struggle with yourself, and your weight.




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