How You Can Get Motivation To Lose Weight


If you have motivation to lose weight you can be assured that any excess fat weight you may have is going to melt away very easily. When you have motivation in abundance you will automatically make better food choices and be willing to do 2-3 exercise sessions each week and the best part….there will be no struggle, no battle with yourself to do it.

Most times when someone becomes overweight it is because the software in their brain becomes faulty and is working against them. When this happens it becomes more likely that you will be eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoiding exercise. These are the actions that not only get you an overweight, feel bad body they keep you stuck in it for the long haul.

Motivation to lose weight is already inside you

So, to turn this around and get that mystical motivation to lose weight we need to upgrade our mind software so it is working for us and helping us achieve that strong, slim, healthy, body that we desire. We need to change the way we think, and when we do the results come automatically and effortlessly.

Many people simply turn to the next latest diet or exercise regime thinking that this will solve their problem but adding layer after layer of action plans on top of a faulty mind-set does not work. Countless people find this out when they purchase new eating/exercise programs then abandon them a few days/weeks later when they cannot stick to them.

It is easy to blame the outside visible symptom for your lack of motivation to lose weight – your overweight body, unhappy body – but this is really not the problem it is A SYMPTOM of the problem which is deep inside you at your very CORE. You are most likely not even aware of it as it is at a deep unconscious level.

Think about it – that fat on your body is not there simply because of the food you eat, it is there because of the actions you take and don’t take with food and exercise every single day.This is where you are driven – from deep inside – at your very core, and this is where you can find that motivation to lose weight once you know how.

 Motivation to lose weight needs to be long term

Changing/adding new food plans or exercise is not going to fix the problem at least not in the long term. It can only have short term results because your faulty inner programming is going to override any new changes and revert to your more ingrained behaviours. You are wasting time, effort and money continuing to do these things that will not get you the results you are looking for

To bump up your motivation to lose weight you need to take a few steps in reverse, spend some time reprogramming your mind so when you do take action if will be effortless and your job of reclaiming your slim trim body will happen naturally – without the on-going struggle that you are living with right now.

My eBook called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible” is all about identifying the limiting self-beliefs that are holding you back, then making the changes to your thinking that will put you on the fast track to losing that weight. Go back to the home page on this website to read all about it and you will see how you can get the tools to give you that much needed motivation to lose weight that you are looking for.

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