Effortless Weight Loss Is Within Your Reach


If you have tried any weight loss method, you would know how difficult it is to lose weight. Using some diet plans, you might have achieved some short term success by losing a few pounds only to find to your dismay that you have added more than what you have lost, immediately afterwards. Given this scenario, the idea of effortless weight may appear to be an impossible dream. But I will explain how feasible and how realistic this concept can be.

First of all, you will be relieved to know that effortless weight loss does not require you trying a new diet or exercise program. When you try a new program, you just tell yourself that you are going to do it. Saying ‘I am going to follow this diet plan’ does not make the task easy or effortless. You have to put in efforts to do what you want to do. But this does not usually work for many people because when you want a change in your diet program or your daily activities, the change doesn’t happen just by your wishing it to happen.

These plans work only at the surface level. Your body will initially respond to your words and start following the new program but since your inner programming has not been changed, such changes will last only for a short time. Your inner programming will eventually take over and ensure that your efforts are aborted and you go back to your normal ways of eating and doing other activities.

Therefore if you want to lose weight, you first have to bring about some fundamental change in your inner self. Your inner self might have been programmed to promote activities that will contribute to your gaining weight. This might have happened due to some of your past actions. Any decision you take against the accepted program of your inner self is bound to be thwarted. You will blame your lack of discipline or external factors for your failure but the source for the problem lies within you.

Effortless weight loss is a strategy that will help you lose weight without any struggle. There will be no inner conflict and what you want will be accomplished by your doing the right things easily, naturally and almost effortlessly. This method works by first identifying the blocks you have in you, that stand in your way. You need to use a tool to overcome these blocks and clear your way of all impediments.

I can provide the strategies and tools for effortless weight loss which are much more powerful than methods requiring a forced motivation. Motivation will be effective only when it comes from within, not when it is imposed from outside. This tool works by aligning your inner programming with what you want to achieve.

Once this is done, there will be no conflict between your subconscious programming and conscious objectives. You will be able to do the things required to lose weight and get a strong, healthy, feel-good body free of excess fat. Just go back to the home page of this website to see my “Weight Loss Motivation Bible” to begin your journey towards a healthy and cheerful life.


  1. Hi, I am wondering how to reduce these last 20 lbs. I went from 175 down to 144. Need to be 124. I eat salads, no dressing, avacadoes, oilve oil, lemons, and all the good stuff, tuna, No exercise. Just need to get rid of the last stubborn 20 lbs. I do not like running or jogging, my ankles cave. Weak arches. Maybe these shakes might help. Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks very much.

  2. Hi Teresa

    Thank you for your comment.

    Two things – if you want to truly get slim you need to exercise, end of story. Not low intensity fluff like walking but proper muscle building and maintaining exercise that works the muscles through their ranges of movement under a load.
    Toned muscle is where fuel is burned for eneryg so if you do no exercise your muscles will be weak and flabby and unable to burn much fuel. Dieting will NEVER EVER give you a toned, strong, healthy body, only proper exercise can do that. So get started on a strength training program if you truly want to get and stay in shape.

    You also need to supply your body with the nutrients it needs so it will release that fat. The Health Shake will be perfect for you as it will supply up to 50% of your daily nutrients. Then you just need two small meals each with a portion of protein and good carbs (vegetables, sweet potato, brown rice etc).

    When you get on track with your eating (the shake will help you do that) and your exercise those last 20 pounds will slowly melt away I promise.


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