Do You Have Bad Habits That Are Keeping You Stuck In An Overweight Body?


Our habits – good and not so good run our lives. Habits are learned responses that allow us to do things on auto-pilot without thinking. Our mind is the control centre for our habits and sometimes bad habits can sneak in to our lives that we are not even aware of.

Think about some bad habits that could be affecting your life especially around the area of food and your weight. If you are not happy with your weight and how you look and feel is it fair to ask you to look closer at your lifestyle and whether you pay yourself enough proper self-care attention?  Are you aware of some of your bad habits and things in your life that you would like to change? Most of us have a long list.

One of the bad habits of people who wish to lose weight is that they often embark on one diet after another. This in effect makes then even more overweight as any calorie restriction tends to rebound with an even greater weight gain. This is the body’s way of protecting itself from food shortages and famine and this is why diets do not work. Any weight lost will return as sure as night follows day. When you keep on going on diets you will become a victim of ‘weight rebound’ and join the ranks of those whose lives are made miserable by dieting.

Are your bad habits affecting your life?

Are you someone who wishes to lose weight but is tired of going on endless diets and the weight that keeps piling back on again? Don’t worry you are not alone. Diets don’t work for most people. But it does not have to be like this. You can lose weight and keep it off by going deep into your inner mind programming and ferreting out those bad habits that are keeping you stuck in that overweight body.

When you get to the CORE of why you are overweight it gets to the heart of what permanent weight loss is ALL about – getting rid of the bad habits that have made you fat and replacing them with new good habits that will not only help you lose weight but KEEP IT OFF.

Discover how you can banish your bad habits

You really do deserve better than a life of endless dieting. You deserve to be living in a body you are happy with so you can live your life to the full and have loads of energy and vitality.

You can achieve that by getting a little outside help and identifying your inner road blocks (your bad habits) that are preventing you from losing weight. You, up to this point have been unable to do it yourself and once you recognise that you need help you have made a big step in the right direction.

If you go back to the home page of this website you will be able to read about an ebook that can change your life. It is called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible” which will bring to the surface your bad habits and act like your very own personal trainer for your mind, to help you see and get motivated to not only eat better but enjoy exercise as well.

Think of this ebook as the missing link to weight loss that you need to get you from where you are now to where you want to go. What you discover and learn will last you for the rest of your life – your new, slim, healthy life.




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