Do You Envy Naturally Slim People – Would You Like To Be One?


Do you sometimes cast an eye on a slim, slender person and feel a twang of envy? If you could only be like that you think “How great life would be”. We may wonder why some people have such an easy time remaining slim and others fight the battle of the bulge for many years, sometimes for their entire life.

We now have a greater understanding of how big a part our mind plays in this. A slim person has a mind-set that keeps them this way because they believe themselves to be slim. They think of themselves as having a trim, healthy body without any excess fat weight. When you think like this you develop the habits, behaviour and mind-set of a naturally slim person.

Is YOUR inner mind programming set on ‘slim?

If you are NOT ‘slim’ you simply are not running the ‘mind’ software that a slim person ‘runs’. If you wish to become slim you will need to become a slim person on the INSIDE first, one that matches the body you want on the OUTSIDE. It is only then that you will become unstuck and get out of that overweight, feel-bad body for good.

After all it is from your Mind that all of your actions are generated from. Change your Mind and you change the way you act. You know, how you walk to the fridge when you feel like eating, even though you are not hungry. That is an action.  How you put that food into your mouth even though you really wish you were not eating, but you can’t stop yourself. That is an action. How you gravitate to the couch to watch your favourite television program instead of going to the gym. That is an action.

So, those types of actions are not the actions of a slim person. They would not be eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoiding exercise. If they did it would only be very temporary and they would soon go back to their slim behaviour as they are not running the Mind software of an overweight person.

Our behaviours and actions are never random; they simply match the YOU on the inside. The actions that you are taking every single day are driven by deep, core “drivers” from your subconscious mind. These are what are keeping you overweight, stuck and frustrated in a body you probably don’t like very much. Change the inside, and the outside changes…the fat melts away…easily…effortlessly.

Right about now I hear you saying “But how do I change this?”

Become the slim person you want to be

Obviously you cannot do this without some help. After all, your mind and the way you think and therefore act got to where you are right now…today.  That same mind cannot suddenly change without first knowing what exactly the obstacles and roadblocks that are keeping you stuck are. If you knew them already you would not even be reading this as you will already be that slim person that you admire so much.

What is so very exciting is that once you ‘flesh’ out these roadblocks and transform at your very core in your Mind, then your actions transform and guess what? Your body transforms as well. It is so easy that you won’t believe it.  You will totally transform into a person who is just IS naturally slim and trim. A person, who thinks, believes and acts as such.

Just go back to the home page on this website and you will discover my eBook called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible”. In it are all of the strategies and tools to make this transformation in the easiest possible way. Once you get reading you will get more and more excited as you see a clear path back to reclaim the slim trim body of your dreams. You will thank YOU for making the decision to change and upgrade your mind software as this is where it all begins and ends without a diet plan in sight.



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