Are Your Faulty Beliefs Preventing You From Losing Weight?


Did you know that at any one time 50 percent of people in our world are on a diet of some kind trying to lose weight? Many of them have joined the yo-yo, diet weight loss/gain club where people’s lives are made miserable by the unobtainable quest to lose weight and keep it off, yet they keep trying things that don’t work.

But imagine how good it would be to lose weight and have the power to keep it off forever? That is exactly what most people who embark of a journey to lose weight are missing – the knowledge and power to keep the weight loss – well, lost.

You see the things we have been brainwashed to believe – quick fix weight loss diets and extreme ‘fat burning’ exercise programs do not bring about permanent weight loss. You didn’t get overweight quickly so expecting to lose it quickly then keep it off is not only unrealistic, but is actually one of the false expectations and distractions that are keeping you from the permanent weight loss that you would love to achieve.

This faulty belief is often one of the many we get about losing weight. They are built up over the years from misinformation and inherited wisdom about losing weight and are usually joined by a dose of good old self-delusion.

Our subconscious mind is where our ‘templates’ are stored on how we act ‘in every circumstance’. If you have become overweight and feel stuck in that body it is because one (or more) of these templates have become faulty and have become like roadblocks or obstacles in your mind keeping you stuck in an on-going struggle with food and your weight.

It is unlikely you will get yourself ‘unstuck’ from this situation as you are the one that has got you where you are today. If you are not happy with that situation you may need a little help in freeing yourself so you can live in the body you REALLY WANT – a slim, fit, strong, healthy, feel-good body that has tons of energy and vitality.

To be able to lose weight successfully you need your motivation levels to be high so you are focused on the road ahead. Your mind software programming needs to be working with you and not against you. If its weight loss that you want you can’t be eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoiding exercise – that is not going to get you to your goal.

The good news is that once you clear the old destructive thoughts and self-beliefs from your mind and replace them with more positive and focused ones you will pretty much ‘run’ on autopilot just the same as a naturally slim person does.

This makes losing weight easy and effortless as you start to make better food choices, eat less overall and actually enjoy exercise, things that you may not be doing at the moment. It is these things that you need to do to lose weight for the long-haul, there is no other way.

The good news is when you get your mind software upgrade and begin doing the more positive and focused life and body actions that you need to do is no harder than what you are doing at the moment. Think about it – the time is going to pass anyway why not use it to be moving towards your goals instead of further and further away from them?

There are tools and strategies already in place that you can use to give yourself this mind upgrade. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get your mind working with you instead of against you as a proven weight loss concept, one that mainstream diets or weight loss systems will ever give you.

More than anything else, you will find the hope and the answers you have been looking for to lose weight and the freedom to keep it off permanently. Just go back to the home page of this website where you will see the “Weight Loss Motivation Bible” which is the ticket to your new slim, healthy, fit body.