A Diet Is The Wrong Place To Be Looking For Weight Loss


If your body has grown larger and heavier than you would like it is easy to dislike it. It does not make us feel good and to live our life in this overweight body does not allow us to live our best life. There is no doubt about it; it is going to be an obstacle either physically, mentally or emotionally. Sometimes it may not even be evident but it is there.

Often when people get into this situation they get pulled into the idea that a diet is the answer to their problem. They get onto the diet treadmill and begin a yo-yo, ‘on and off’, up and down affair with food and their weight. This of course makes one feel even worse about being overweight and the continued failure to sort it out. But the truth of the matter is no matter how many diet plans you go on it is not going to fix the problem.

A diet is the wrong approach

You are simply looking in the wrong place to try and fix your problem. If it had of worked previously you would not still be struggling with food and your weight, would you? The main reason why you are still in this predicament is because you have been looking in the wrong place and at the wrong things (a diet) to fix your problem.

You see the fat on your body is not there because of food and what you put on your plate. It is there because of the actions you take (and don’t take) every single day with food AND exercise. The fat on your body is not the problem; it is the SYMPTOM of things ‘out of whack’ in your deep inner mind programming. You may not even be aware of it because it will be on an unconscious level.

If a diet fixed this then there would be no reason for anyone to be overweight would there? But this is not the case. There has never been more diet plans, programs, CD’s, videos, and all manner of food/diet/fitness coaches available yet two thirds of the world’s population is overweight to some degree or another.

If you have tried a diet or changing/adding new food or exercise programs has not worked for you and I’m talking about long-term here not short term then you need to look at reprogramming your mind so it works FOR YOU not AGAINST YOU. If you don’t fix this up first you will keep on overriding any new changes and simply revert to the old more ingrained behaviours.

Don’t waste your time on another diet

Your mind is where your thoughts, feelings and self-beliefs are stored along with your fears and anxieties. If you continue to look to short term things like a diet you will not only NOT get the results you were looking for you are wasting time, effort and money continuing to do these things.

So, right now I hear you saying “How to I sort this out, how do I fix this up?” Well don’t worry I have all the answers for you to give yourself a mind software upgrade and change whatever it is that is holding you back and getting in your way. You want a slim, fit, healthy, strong body don’t you? Of course you do.

The very good news is I have put all of this information into an affordable ebook that you can download on to your computer and be started on the road to easy and effortless weight loss in just minutes from now. Just go back to the home page on this website where you will find “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible” which is your roadmap to that body of your dreams. All of the tools and strategies are in it to get you that long-term sustainable fat loss that you really want and you won’t believe how easy it is once you know how.





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