3 Ways Your Self-Esteem Can Help Or Hinder Your Weight Loss Goals


People who enjoy high self-esteem and high levels of self-confidence have an ACTIVE approach and attitude to life rather than a passive and unreceptive one. They take full responsibility for the attainment of their needs and desires. They do not wait for others to fulfil their dreams and find it easy to do the actions that bring them success in all areas of their lives.

It is entirely possible that a person with high self-esteem can become overweight just like anyone else can but the way they approach it is very different. For starters having high self-esteem makes losing weight so much easier. It’s not a struggle because a person with high self-esteem does not blame others for their issues. Instead they are solution oriented and seek out answers when they encounter a personal problem like excess body fat.

They already have a high degree of self-worth; inner integrity and bottom–line respect for themselves and genuinely want to live in a strong, fit, slim, healthy body that they are happy with. They will then seek out a solution and take action fully expecting the results to solve their problem.

Having high self-esteem means you take action

Here are some of the advantages of having high self-esteem in regards to losing weight:

1)    You look at your weight gain for what it is. It is not YOU and you do not internalize the fact that because you have gained weight you are wrong or defective in some way. You have full confidence you can handle it appropriately.

You believe you deserve to live in a strong, fit, slim, healthy body. Unless you believe this you will not attain it or if you ever do, it will not last. At your core and deep in your inner mind programming you have an unshakeable belief that you deserve this body and life. Since this is deep rooted in your mind, you will not sabotage yourself when the world does not behave or react the way you want it to from time to time.

2)    You do not set yourself up for failure with short-term diets, useless exercise regimes and unrealistic goals. When you have high self-esteem you are kind to yourself and while you take inspired action to ditch the excess fat weight you keep your goals realistic so you can achieve them and feel good about it.

Even though you have a job to do (lose weight) you still expect to feel good about it and will not allow it to be a struggle to achieve. You do not enter into a battle with yourself (that you can’t win) when you have high self-esteem.

3)    If you have been doing things that have not been working, you will simply seek out a better action plan to get you the results you want. If you have low self-esteem it is likely that you would blame yourself for the lack of results rather than simply having the wrong action plan. You would make YOU the problem and you would be asking yourself, “What’s wrong with ME?”

When you have low self-esteem you would make yourself wrong for not getting the weight loss results you want and you would keep doing the same things over and over again, even though it wasn’t working for you. Instead, when you have high self-esteem you look at the challenge objectively and tell yourself that although you are doing your best it is not working for you. You would then seek out another solution to get the results you believe you deserve.

Of all the judgments you make in life, none are as important as the ones you make about yourself. The difference between low and high self-esteem is the difference between action and passivity, success and failure and never more so than with the task of losing weight and keeping it off.

How you can improve your self-esteem quickly and easily

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