Weight Loss – What Has Food Got To Do With It?


When a person becomes overweight the first thing they think of is a diet of some sort. It’s as if their only problem is too much food. If this were correct with so many diet plans and weight loss programs out there why on Earth would anyone be overweight?

The reason that they are overweight and as many of two thirds of us are in this category is the fact that diets (of any kind) fail for 95 percent of the time in helping someone lose weight for the long-haul. Oh yes, they may help a person lose some weight at the start but just days/weeks in and that person ‘falls’ off the diet any weight lost is quickly piled back on with some extra as well for good measure.

Weight loss does not come from just a diet

So, permanent weight loss is not just about reducing the amount of food you are eating. It is also about exercise and the actions you take (and don’t take) with both food and exercise on a day to day basis. What you need to do is change your habits. But how do you do that? You have tried many times and most likely failed every single time. THIS is the most important and for some reason totally overlooked part of mainstream weight loss programs.

If you could reprogram your mind so that you automatically craved more quality unprocessed foods, ate the right types of foods, not too much of them and fitted in a couple of proper exercise sessions each week, would your body look any different?

Of course it would, but how do we do that and make it stick so we can achieve the weight loss we desire? Well, first we need to go deep inside our brain… to our inner programming…our mind software. The outside of our body is always a match for what is programmed in there. This is the CORE, and this is what we need to change so our body follows and changes on the outside.

If we have an overweight, feel-bad body that is bigger and heavier than we would like it is because our thoughts, feelings and self-beliefs have made us this way. They are what guide us in our day to day actions and if they are programmed to eat the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoid exercise of course we are going to end up overweight. And if we keep going down this path we will most likely end up in the obese category which will not only spoil our appearance but set us up for serious disease as well.

Weight loss is very difficult if not impossible if you keep adding new diets and exercise programs on top of faulty mind programming. Adding extra layers when the base is shaky is never going to work and the struggle you already have with food, your weight and how you feel about it is only going to worsen.

What effortless weight loss really is

When you take the right action to change your inner mind programming weight loss becomes effortless. The struggle fades away and suddenly you are taking healthy, consistent life and body action steps. You will WANT to reclaim your slim, feel-good, healthy body and will easily make the changes you need to make so your inner mind software gets to be a match with the body and the weight loss that you want.

What you also find is that mythical weight loss motivation that you have been searching for is there for you to tap into and it is 1000 times more powerful than any ‘forced’ motivation that you can come up with. Effortless weight loss is what you want and need to finally make it stick, make it permanent and get you the body of your dreams.

To read about how we are going to achieve this go back to the home page of this website and you will discover my ebook “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible” where inside it are all the tools you need to make those necessary inner mind changes. Think of it as a software upgrade and once you have it you will end the struggle with food, your weight, the yo-yo cycle. The battle that has raged within you for so long will be done and dusted.



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