Weight Loss – Do You Have It All Back To Front?


So many people have it the wrong way around when we want to lose some weight. We tell ourselves we will feel good about ourselves and it will change our life after we lose it. But it actually doesn’t work that way and most people don’t realize that we need to feel better about ourselves BEFORE we can lose weight.

Weight loss begins with your thoughts

The reason for that is that one of the most important factors that will influence you being successful at weight loss is your attitude. This means whether or not you believe (and keep on believing) that you can change your life and install the modifications you need to not only lose weight but KEEP IT OFF. 

You will need to believe that these lifestyle changes particularly in the area of nutrition and physical activity are worth doing for the long haul as how you think and what you believe affects how you feel and in turn the actions (or inaction) you take.

You may not acknowledge or even want to believe it but it is your very own thoughts and self-beliefs buried deep in your subconscious mind that are the reason why you are overweight and living in a body you may not like very much.

Junk thinking hinders weight loss

Many of us believe that it is junk food that makes us fat yet often don’t understand that junk thinking can also get and keep you fat. It is important to accept that if you have a struggle with food and your weight it has likely come from harbouring some bad ideas and attitudes about food and exercise. This is likely the root cause of your weight issues.

Junk thinking can be misinformation and inherited wisdom about nutrition and dieting accumulated through the years, right through to plain old self-delusion. If you have junk thinking, it will cause you to self-sabotage yourself time and time again no matter how many diets or exercise programs you begin.

When you think about it some people seem to be naturally slim, to never need to worry about food issues or their weight and they most certainly never have to think about going on any sort of diet. They have never been overweight, and never will be. The only difference between you and these people is your mindset – and the way you think and believe about food, exercise and YOU.

Those naturally slim people are running brain software that is different from you – they don’t crave the wrong types of foods, eat too much of them and avoid exercise. They enjoy healthy foods and love to be active and don’t even have to think about these things. They just do it as a normal part of their everyday lives.

So for you to become slim and stay that way you need to upgrade your brain software so you are thinking the thoughts that will get and keep you slim. The good news is that it is relatively easy to do this, once you know how. And the even better news is I can teach you this in a simple downloadable eBook.

I have documented the strategies and tools that will identify and change the thoughts and self-beliefs that are getting in your way of weight loss success. Once you get rid of these damaging and limiting villains the fat will just melt away and you will no longer be trapped in this overweight, unhealthy and unhappy body.

Just go back to the home page on this website and read all about “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible”. You can download it within minutes and be on your way to easy and effortless weight loss – starting today…




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