Old Fashioned Diet Methods Don’t Work – There Are Now Much Better Easier Ways To Lose Weight


It has taken me years to figure out, along with endless diet failures and the accompanying frustration that they bring into your life that our body, our emotions, our self-beliefs and mind are all linked very closely together.

This is something mainstream diet and weight loss systems fail to take into account. They dish out the actions plans “eat 3 from this column and 2 from that column” or “do these exercise so many times with some many seconds/minutes in between” but they NEVER tell you how to integrate these actions into your life permanently.

The failure rate of diet plans is staggering

Have you figured out too that this is the reason why we hear about how 95 percent of diet plans don’t work, because they fail to address the mind/body link? It makes good sense that if a person has become overweight their mind is not working with them but against them. Right?

The proof is in the pudding really, as if they had inner mind programming that a slim, fit person ‘runs’ they would not be overweight in the first place. They would be like that slim, fit person – permanently slim and fit.

That same slim, fit person would not be eating the wrong types of foods the majority of the time, would not be eating too much of them and avoiding exercise. So, somehow the mind of an overweight person is harbouring thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions and self-beliefs that are getting in the way of them reclaiming their slim, strong, fit, healthy body.

Many of these people really want to lose weight so they get themselves on the weight loss/gain, yo-yo diet treadmill to nowhere and fail time and time again. And the worst part is they not only fail to lose any significant permanent weight they add a bit more on after each failed diet attempt as the body prepares itself for what it thinks is a food shortage looming. They are in effect teaching their body how to store more and more fat.

You don’t need a diet to lose weight

This is the opposite of what an overweight person wants to achieve. They don’t realise or maybe don’t understand this crucial link between the mind and the body – the ‘inner’ and the ‘outer’. One follows the other and if the ‘inner’ is not programmed right (like for losing weight) there is no way the ‘outer’ can follow.

But you can reprogram your mind so that you can get what you really want – to be able to lose weight in an easy and effortless way – and not a diet plan in sight. Once you get your ‘inner’ sorted the weight will just melt away as you will WANT to take the actions ( healthy eating and proper exercise) that lead to that slim, fit, strong, healthy, feel-good body.

To find out more about these new and exciting strategies and tools that are fast replacing old worn out diet methods just go back to the home page on this website and you can read about my ebook called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible”. Once you download this and get reading you will be amazed at how differently you start to think and feel and very quickly too. You will be so inspired and excited to get started on your journey to this new and better way to lose weight you will wish you had access to it years ago.



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