Lose Weight For Good When You Get That Food/Weight Struggle Monkey Off Your Back


If you have become overweight and would love to lose the unwanted pounds there is a new way that is being used successfully by people looking to lose weight. The main focus of this new exciting method is ALL about changing the underlying self-beliefs and thoughts that may be holding you back in achieving what you want and need to do – lose weight.

If a slim body has been one of your dreams and you for one reason or another have not been able to lose weight (or more importantly lose weight permanently) you can do so now with a new tweaks to your inner programming – your mind software.

Lose weight without a diet

We all know that a diet is usually something we turn to when we want to lose weight and there are many weight loss programs on the market promising good results. Many of them work as long as you stick to it, and this is the hard part with any weight loss program.

There is a reason why almost all diets will only work as long as you do them and why most people gain all the weight back and then some after a short period of time once they go ‘off’ the program. Can you begin to consider that the answer to a slimmer body has got nothing to do with what is on your plate?

Mainstream diets don’t help as they promote an unhealthy obsession with food. They focus on restricting yourself, setting yourself up for failure then beating yourself up when you do fail. If you do overeat with the wrong types of foods and avoid exercise there is something ‘out of sync’ with your inner programming – your mind software.

Some of the self-beliefs and thoughts that will ALWAYS be road blocks for you in your quest to lose weight and are in fact your very own self-sabotage strategy are:

  1. You believe you can undo years of eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoiding exercise quickly – preferably overnight.
  2. You see a diet as something that has a beginning and an end. You are blind to the fact that this is not a solution that can be successful and you do not see that managing weight is an ongoing process. When you don’t see this you will continue to lose and gain the same 10-20 pounds in a yo-yoing fashion.
  3. You see weight management as a dreary unpleasant chore, rather than something positive that can supply you with energy and vitality so you live your best life.
  4. You eat for weight loss (diet foods, missing meals, restricting food and so on) rather than eating for health as you see food a punishment (maybe on an unconscious level) for your body rather than nourishment.

Change your mind and lose weight

You can see these things will have to be changed for you to successfully lose weight. It is not going to happen adding new diets and exercise programs on top of faulty inner programming. While this is going on you have a food and weight ‘struggle monkey’ on your back and you are going to need some help to get it off. But once you do you will feel so much relief and that will flow into other areas of your life.

 So, what we are after is a mind software upgrade so that what you want on the ‘outer’ is matched up on the ‘inner’ so there is no struggle with yourself any longer. You will WANT to take the action steps with food and exercise and you WILL be excited to get started on your journey to a new life and a new YOU.

To access this information just go back to the home page on this website where you will find my ebook called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible” which has all the strategies and tools to give you that mind software upgrade so you can lose weight in the easiest and most effortless manner.  You’ll be so glad you did.



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