Has Any Diet Ever Given You Permanent Weight Loss Results?


We have all been misled by the diet industry. They present us with thousands of different diet plans and programs that promise they will cure our weight problems and that we will be happy forever once we have lost the weight. But for anyone who has tried to make these diet plans work they know differently. It is so frustrating to be on this yo-yo merry-go-round where you might lose a little weight but then you quickly regain it all….over and over again.

We now hear that it is not us at fault and that 95 percent of modern day diet plans don’t work on the people who try them. Some may work for a short while (days/weeks) but not for the long-term results we are looking for. If this is so, we cannot be blamed for wondering what are we supposed to do to lose this excess fat weight.

A diet plan is nothing more than a Band Aid

Let’s look at what a diet is for starters – any diet plan only addresses the outer symptom of an overweight body. Yet the CORE and the reason(s) for the overweight body are deep seated in the mind. The inner programming of all weight loss struggles is situated in the sub-conscious mind where all thoughts, feelings and self-beliefs originate along with fears and anxieties.

Unless we address the ROOT cause of the overweight symptoms it is virtually impossible to get out of this diet-weight loss-regain, feel bad cycle. A diet can only ever be a Band Aid patch up job for those symptoms – it can never address and resolve the real reason you are where you are right now.

You see it is not likely that you do NOT know WHAT to do. You already know what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. You already know that keeping your body strong with proper exercise is going to keep your fat burning rate up at the maximum level but the problem is you don’t do these things. Not consistently anyway. Maybe a day or two here and there but not the way you need to do to lose weight and also KEEP IT OFF.

So for long term weight loss that is easy and effortless we need to be sure there are no inner roadblocks that are getting in the way of our success. To identify this you will need some help from someone who understands and can help you change or eliminate these obstacles that will keep coming back to sabotage you time and time again.

Lose weight without a diet plan in sight

Once you have got rid of the obstacles located in your inner programming , the right path will be stretched out clearly in front of you. No more struggle, no more battles with yourself that you cannot win.  And there does not even need to be a diet plan in sight. You will WANT to do the things that you know you need to do to reclaim what is rightfully yours – a slim, trim, fit, strong, healthy body.

To find out more about this wonderful new strategy that starts with changing your mind and how weight loss is really all in your head rather than just on your plate, go back to the home page on this website. There you will find an ebook called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible” that in an instant download on to your computer.

Once you have it in your hands (so to speak) you will be able to get started on your journey to your new life.  You will become a NEW YOU whose inner foundation matches the body you want on the outside – slender, active and consistent. Bring it on I hear you say!



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