Break Free From The Diet Treadmill And Enjoy A New Diet Free Life


When we think of losing weight we generally think of going on a diet and for most people this idea would fill them with dread. Any wonder as a diet is about deprivation, it is about reducing food intake in the hope of starving the excess body fat from our body. The awful part is diets don’t work for most people. Sure, they may lose some weight at the beginning but it always comes back usually with interest. Do you know that as many as 95 percent of people who go on diets never achieve permanent weight loss.

What’s wrong with diets?  Are you aware that your body is forced to work against you when you go on a diet? Your body does not like diets at all (it thinks there is a famine looming) and will do all it can to help you to fail. It will slow down the metabolism to conserve fuel (energy) and increase your appetite to make you try harder to find food.

And if all that is not bad enough, when you have finished your diet your body does its best to restore you to your previous weight. Why, because that is your default state, even if you are overweight that is the ‘set point’ your body will try and maintain. Your body is way too smart to be defeated by a diet and it will ALWAYS be an uphill struggle if you chose to go down this path. The outcome will always be the same and your life will be made miserable when you join the ranks of those who practice yo-yo dieting.

Get out of the diet habit and avoid weight rebound

To achieve permanent weight loss your bodies ‘set point’ needs to be lowered. This can only be done slowly over time. This is how you achieve permanent weight loss as opposed to going on short-term diet. The reason WHY you have become overweight in the first place is addressed first and foremost and that is imbedded in your inner mind programming. This is what must be firstly identified so you can fix it. You are likely to be unaware of what it is as it will be tucked away in your subconscious mind.

Once you have fleshed out what it is (could be multiple things) you can immediately make changes so the reason why you are overweight is no longer an issue. Once you have done this the excess weight will just melt away. The actions that you know you need to take to achieve that slim, trim; fit body will be easy to follow through with. This is because you will WANT to do them as the path you want to follow in regards to your life will now be clearly defined and there will no longer be a battle with yourself in regards to your food and your weight.

A diet cannot give you the mind of a slim person

This is the new better way to lose weight – permanently. To do this we find and eliminate the roadblocks that are keeping you stuck in that overweight feel-bad body. We start with the mind and its default programming and work on that first. When you do it this way there is no need for a diet. Your actions with food and exercise will be the same as a naturally slim person. They have no need for a diet, they just do the things that keep them slim and trim and they may not even be aware of what those things are. That is what you need – the mind of a slim person and you will automatically cease being overweight.

By now you will be wondering how you can achieve this, well wonder know more. I have documented all of the strategies and tools you need to give yourself this mind software upgrade. My ebook called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible” is your solution to be free of the on-going struggle with your weight.

You will be so happy to discover how really easy it will be to tweak your mind programming so you can effortlessly glide to that new, slim body and finally be free of the diet nightmare that you may have been living with. Just go back to the homepage of this website and you can have instant access to this book that will transform your mind and your body will follow along quite happily.





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