Are You Aware You Can Diet Yourself Fatter?


Becoming overweight is all too easy in our modern world. We have access to inexpensive processed foods and being hungry is no longer a problem for most of us – but getting fat is. Eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and avoiding exercise is the norm and to counter this a diet industry has unleashed a deluge of diets, diet programs, diet pills and potions that promise instant results. But do they work?

It would be incorrect to say you don’t lose weight on a diet. But for 95 percent of people who embark on a diet, it does not deliver what is wanted above all else and that is long-term permanent weight loss. Sure, what you eat is important, and how much you eat is also important. But WHY you eat and how you live your life is also of paramount importance and a diet does not address these things.

In order for weight loss to be permanent most people are aware they do need to change their behaviour and learn new habits. If you want to achieve long lasting weight loss you have to look at your life in a big picture view, not just a small part of it (like what is on your plate).

A diet doesn’t work – never has, never will

You are going to be hearing more and more the fact that diets don’t work. Yes, you might lose some weight initially but the inescapable truth is that the majority of dieters put back the weight they’ve lost and with interest as well as you may have experienced already. Any diet that offers quick weight loss is doing you no favours. As soon as you reduce calories below a certain level your body will do ALL it can to survive what it thinks is a famine looming. It will slow everything down to try and preserve energy and it will increase your appetite to persuade you to make greater efforts to find food.

If you continue on the diet your will start to lose some fat reserves, and you will lose precious muscle tissue too. When you go ‘off’ the diet your body will return to the default state and will store fat again faster than a speeding train. The more diet yo-yoing you do the more fat your body will store to protect itself.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off – so you can achieve permanent fat loss, you will need to change your default state which is about much more than just the food you eat (or don’t eat). Changing your default setting is not something that can be done instantly. You have to get to the CORE – your inner mind programming – your mind software and give it an upgrade so you no longer continue to sabotage yourself with the way you live your lifestyle.

A diet cannot teach you new habits

Have you ever wondered why you have become overweight? It doesn’t just happen on its own. The main cause of it is that we allow ourselves to develop bad habits. We are often unaware that we are even doing this as our inner mind programming controls our actions and habits. If we get into the habit of bad habits one of the consequences is we can become overweight. Another is that we will suffer poor health at some point in our lives.

The best way to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF is to learn new habits. There is no other way. To do that the first thing you need to do is to upgrade your mind software so it is working with you and you WANT to take the healthy actions that will lead to permanent weight loss.

If you go back to the home page on this website you will discover my ebook called “The Weight Loss Motivation Bible”. This is your roadmap to re-program your mind so that any bad habits are melted away and replaced by new habits hotwired into your brain. You can get started right now and revolutionise your life. It will give you freedom, freedom from worrying about food and your weight along with a new healthier, happier slimmer life.


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