Dear Frustrated Friend,

I come to you today with a heavy heart.

With the never ending array of diets and exercise plans that are introduced to the public annually, I know if you are here reading this that you have still found yourself in much the same position year after year...

Overweight and confused about why NOTHING you've done has worked.

And it frustrates me to no end because I know first hand that inability to make progress in this area can be VERY frustrating.

Especially as I know you have likely been successful in many other areas of your life including your career, family, and relationships.

Chances are, you have have achieved a great deal of progress in those areas. But when it comes to mastering your own body weight you are much more likely to find yourself in a constant state of struggle.

Something that you think should be easy to master continually defies your best efforts to get on top of it, doesn't it?

So please spare a few moments of your precious time and stick with me here.

All I ask is that you let me impart to you these coveted truths that I hold within and if you do, I know that this very day will mark the turning point you've been yearning for - YES - I'm that confident!

You see, I'm not going to tell you about yet another diet or exercise plan.

There are plenty of those available to read. And, the truth is, practically any of the good ones will help you lose weight under the right circumstances - but "right circumstances" is the operative phrase here.

The critical problem with most weight loss programs is that they don’t dig deep enough to determine your personal circumstances - instead, they address the masses.

In essence, they focus on the superficial, "one-size-fits-all" approach to fat loss... instead of dealing with who YOU really are and WHY that's even so critically important.

When "eat less, exercise more," just doesn't cut it...

I get it - and I know you do too - if you reduce your food intake and exercise properly you'll lose weight. But let's face it - if it was that easy we'd all be fit, fabulous and full of energy and we'd have no need to ever visit this subject again.

But the very fact that this is far from the case (in epidemic numbers, mind you) tells us that there's something missing and that "something" is the missing piece to the fat loss puzzle that has been consistently shoved aside by all the gurus for years!

It's true. And while you can't eat an unlimited amount of anything you choose and expect to lose weight, even a sensible diet and exercise plan will fail if you have a weight loss failure "mindset."

Yes! That's where losing weight starts - IN THE MIND!

And frankly the complexity of this reality is why the gurus have steered clear of even going there. It's far easier to inundate you with meal plans, exercise routines, calorie counting, (and, yes - even pills) than it is to delve into the inner depths of your psyche.

I changed my life by changing the way I thought about weight loss. And I can help you change yours too....

The ideas you are about to be exposed to are a direct result of my experience working in the fitness industry, which I have done now for more than 30 years – much of it time spent working directly with people just like you.

But back in the early days - like so many others - I bought into the whole "eat less, move more" mentality and by my late twenties I'd been struggling for years with one diet after another. So much so that at one point I even became an aerobics instructor with the grandiose plan to help others while motivating myself at the same time.

Or at least that was the plan...

Instead, as I was strutting my stuff and leading others down the garden path of what we were all conditioned to believe was the holy grail of fitness, guess what happened?

Here's the ugly truth... I actually got fatter just like the rest of the class...

Only I was the instructor and I knew something had to give...

It's true.

When you get all worked up doing long, aerobic routines, your body tells the brain that "your facing a danger"

The brain tells the body to "run, jump and pump" and to support this, the brain makes sure to send energy to the muscles.

This is often called "being in the zone," or "feeling the burn."

But there's a problem...

What Happens After the Workout?

Well, your brain automatically starts to send different messages.

The brain relaxes and says, "Shew, we survived that threat! Now, Body: cool off and slow down. Fat Cells: when next we get some calories, store 'em up for us as an emergency reserve."

Basically, the next time you eat after the workout, your body's metabolism is lower and you store fat!

In fact, the more you work out, the more "urgent and dangerous" the situation seems to your brain and the more it lowers your metabolism when you're at rest.

But there is a way to put your brain to work on your weight and fitness goals rather than having it ensure your failure.

And when you do...

You See the Results Immediately the moment you "get it"...

After I learned the secret (and it cost me thousands of dollars and many painful years to learn) I set about getting all the details for automatic fitness.

I learned more about psychology and physiology. I learned why no "diet" ever worked and that really I was better off eating more good things than LESS of everything.

I began to work out less, while the fat melted away!

I continued to learn and help others...

Every step along the path, people started to ask me what I was doing (they wanted my secret) and they asked how to get my results.

These were people just like YOU.

People who had tried practicaly everything. Even folks who endured dangeous surgeries, taken risky pills, or put time in at the gym doing all the wrong things.

And that's why I created..

The Weight Loss Motivation Bible:

... So no one else, especially YOU, would have to experience the frustration and possible long term complications in the pursuit of your perfect body!

Make no mistake about it though - this is not a "bible" of the spiritual variety - nor will it conflict with ANY theological beliefs.

The Weight Loss Motivation Bible leverages the power of your MIND, and will become your nutrition and fitness guiding light - a blueprint or owners manual for your subconscious that will lay out the path to achieving ALL that you desire!

But before I tell you about the power you are about to download, let's be clear on what you WON'T be doing with the Weight Loss Motivation Bible:

You won't beat yourself up for not succeeding with your prior weight loss attempts. To the contrary, you will discover why it happened and how to eliminate making the same mistakes in the future.
You'll no longer be tempted change course and buy into the promises of the next fad diet that comes along because you will have already disovered the sensible approach to weightloss and have the faith in yourself to maintain your resolve in the course we'll set together.
You won't beat yourself up emotionally for occasionally cheating. Instead you will embrace your new confidence that will allow you to get back on track seamlessly.
Your motivation won't vanish like it has in the past. Instead, you will embrace how empowering it is to maintain high levels of motivation that have become second nature daily.
You won't fall prey to negativity from others who attempt to undermine your efforts to get into shape. To the contrary, you will be driven by your own internal guidance system..
You won't waste one more dime on an endless supply of weight loss products promoting empty promisest because you will embrace the reality that you already possess the most effective weghtloss weapon ever and how to leverage it to achieve all that you desire!

What you WILL do is finally understand how to lose the "fat mentality" that works as hard to put your weight back on as you work to keep it off.

And you know what?

TODAY will be the day that you finally win the battle that's going on right now in your head.

And with that battle won, you will have successfully taken the most important step you have ever taken to date, and one that will stay with you permanently - I absolutely guarantee it!

When you download The Weight Loss Motivation Bible, you will find out:

Why it's okay if it takes even 3 months to perfect your personal meal plan (Pg 33).

You can't use Jenny's meal plan, someone from Seattle's, or one printed off the website. But what's so great about that is, because it's
perfect for you, it will have all your favorite foods and you will gleefully look forward to each and every satisfying meal, each and every day.

3 Body Transforming Benefits of Higher Self-Esteem--and how to get it. (Pg 11).

You'll feel better about yourself, so you'll do better for yourself...which in turn will make you feel better about yourself, again! Finally, you'll be
free from the vicious cycle and onto the vivacious cycle.

How an 'imaginary' button can protect you from negative thoughts (Pg 52).

Never again will you be victimized by the ugly, spiteful comments of others and, more importantly, those from yourself. With this technology, you'll train your brain to detect the negative and activate the positive--literally burning new, "pro-you" neural pathways.


The shocking truth about 1000's of diets available - it's not what you think. (Pg 4).

There's more than just the "diet" yo-yo to know about most diet plans

A 2-question Self-Quiz that makes your thoughts release your fat (Pg 41).

It's like the "real you" that is hidden underneath the flab finally gets to
show off the real you and what's so great about that is, you'll never go back after you live your truth aloud.

How "Having More" in every area of you life makes you weigh less (Pg 73).

You've always known intuitively that you can't stick to a plan where you have to give up this and give up that. Finally, a plan you can stick to because it's based on abundance rather than scarcity.


The dangers of the "Yogurt" replacement method of reducing calories. (Pg 8).

You've seen the commercials where someone replaces a higher calorie choice with a light yogurt, but did you know that can actually make you fatter? You'll learn why and how to avoid it with
The Weight Loss Motivation Bible.

And you won't be alone...

Consider These Successes By People Just Like You...

Consider Trudy who can finally say...


"...Now, I Feel Good About My Body..."

Trudy McBreen, (A MOTHER OF 5 from OHIO) Got it...

"This book has made a difference to my life."

"I have changed my attitude to so many things... I'm a new person."

Because... "[The Weight Lose Motivation Bible] is not just about food and it's not just about my weight."

"...[it's] about where I'm going with my life. Thank you."

Yes, Trudy is
smiling WHILE
at the gym!



And, as you internalize the system and get this, you'll free yourself from harmful "half-measure" and "quick fixes".

That's Ray's experience. He's thrilled that...



"...For the First Time In My Life, I'm Not Using Any Weight Loss Supplements..."

Ray Cowie still enjoys a protein shake, but now he doesn't get the "shakes" from dangerous weight loss drugs.
He writes: "With Carolyn...I soon achieved my short term goals."

"I'm going to continue to train my mind...with the help of this wonderful book."

"For the first time in my life I'm not using any weight loss supplements, other than two protein shakes a day and I'm still losing weight faster than ever before. Carolyn's book reminds us that there aren't any new fangled diets or magic pills that can achieve these types of results and she's right..."

"Thanks to Carolyn's [Weight Loss Motivation Bible], I've learned how to motivate myself and now have the energy to keep and maintain a great balance between my career, my family life, [and my health]."
"Believe me, if I can do it; anyone can."

Ray Cowie has
more energy than
when he used to take stimulating
diet pills!!



It's not just the pills and potions you'll be though with...

How would you like to say...



"...No More Diets for Me..."

Sally Hewson (who has been using the system for a short with with fast results) says:

"I am guilty of going on one diet after another... none of them worked. Every time any weight I did lose came back just as quickly again" (Often around the holidays).

"That has changed now."

"After just a few weeks and right smack in the middle of the Christmas holiday period I've lost weight is going to stay off."

I'm getting
and staying leaner!



It's amazing how quickly you can have results with the right information presented in the right way.

Susan suggested, of the the system, that...



"...The Weight Loss Motivation Bible Summed Up, and Corrected 1000's of Complex and Contradictory Nutrition and Weight Loss Articles..."

Susan Harper (a waitress who loves to shop) says:

"Taking the plunge with Carolyn Hansen's Weight Loss Motivational Bible turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made in my life."

"[It] quickly changed my way of thinking about eating and exercising, which was difficult to [do because I had read] thousands of weight loss articles...over the years."

And, not all of them had the correct information and even when you find one it often confuses you more!

"By reading The Weight Loss Motivation Bible, I gained the motivation to finally stick with something. It was the most sensible advice I'd ever heard. If you'd told me I could transform myself [in] four hours... a week."

"Now that I have confidence in my self image, I have more get up and go and I'm far more energetic, which has also made me more successful in all other areas of my life. Carolyn, you're [Weight Loss Motivation Bible is] the best and I can't thank you enough!"

Susan doesn't
have to shop
for a bigger
dress ever again!



Remember, it doesn't matter what you've done BEFORE!

In fact, it ONLY MATTERS that you didn't get your brain working for you and that explains why other approaches failed for you.

It's sad when people give up when the finish line is so close and the outcome could be remarkably different if you'd just change your direction.

If you're feeling lost, you might relate to Linda who confessed that...



"...I Gave Up On Having A
Trim Waistline..."

(Yet she has it now after only 12 weeks.)

Linda Williams 44-year old mother of three says:

"My fear of not being able to stick with a new fitness program has been huge for me, but Carolyn's motivational training has given me the confidence to face any challenge. Carolyn's unique, time efficient system has changed my body, my mind and most importantly - my life."

And not just Linda's life either...

"I have affected other people that I know to get healthy and make changes with their own lives."

"I gave up on having a trim waistline after having 3 kids some years ago. Never did I ever think I could have my best body ever. And in only 12 short weeks!"

"Carolyn's Weight Loss Motivation Bible has completely turned my life around. Highly recommended."

Results start
the moment
you do.



You are about to experience the same results - check this out:

The Weight Loss Motivation Bible

Take control of your mind and body right now! This book is the cure for the mind games that are keeping you in fat clothes. Change your mind and you will be changing your wardrobe. I guarantee it!

Download the Weight Loss Motivation Bible TODAY and you will:

Stay consistent with your values, personhood and actions
Get results FAST that LAST
Feel really good inside and look really good outside
Proudly eat out, travel, and socialize with friends
Feel like making love to yourself whenever you pass a mirror
Enjoy what you eat -- and do it whenever you feel hunger
Exercise minimally for maximal results
Display your progress proudly and publically in a bathing suit
Anticipate your quick visits to the gym and how others envy you
Only take actions that feel good in your body and to your life!

So let me ask you something important right now:

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality by simply changing the way you think about weight loss?

        • If you HATE to look in the mirror
        • If you're tired of being EMBARRASED at the beach,
          in the mall, or at work
        • If you've tried and failed to lose weight or keep it off...

Then You Are EXACTLY The Person I Wrote The Weight Loss Motivation Bible For!

Today can be the day you finally get on the path to a healthy and beautiful body, and stay on that path for a LIFETIME. All you have to do is click the button below and get your personal copy of The Weight Loss Motivation Bible.

Everything you need to know is right inside this book. You'll never have to get bad advice from people who talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

But I've got even better news for you...

I have enlisted the services of strategic mind messaging expert, Dr. Patrick Porter to create a series of companion audio sessions that are designed to work in conjunction with every principle I outline in the Weight Loss Motivation Bible WITH NO ADDITIONAL EFFORT Required!

Just load up your favorite MP3 player, sit back, relax and let these sessions do the work for you!

They are designed to work on your unconscious mind to produce maximum results by managing brainwave activity and developing healthy thought patterns.

Here's what you are about to experience...

7 Custom Brainwave Entrainment MP3 Audio-Sessions

Transform Past Failures Into High Self Confidence

In this program Dr. Patrick Porter (PhD) will help you move past old failures with dieting.

You will learn how through BWE (Brainwave Entrainment) you can eliminate the accumulation of negative patterns that damage your self-confidence and your self-belief.

You will super-charge your ability to succeed with your fat loss efforts as you learn to think like a naturally thin person.

Embrace Change And Get What You Want

Henry Ford said, "If you think you can, or you think you can't, you are right."

During this program Dr. Porter will have you believing you can!

You will tap into the fundamental nature of reality and adapt and change the things can and learn how to embrace those things you have no choice over.

You will learn to tap the unconscious to build the motivation and drive to succeed using resources you didn’t know you had. Tapping the ability to dream and finally getting to live in a fit, strong, slim andsexy body – and to be able to do it without all the struggle that people usually endure.

Super-Charge Your Motivation and
Lose All The Weight You Want

Dr. Porter has spent his career helping people who want to lose weight with little or no motivation.

During this session you will learn to flip the switch and transform procrastination into motivation.

You will learn the steps to becoming more motivated is to convince yourself that you genuinely have plenty of valid reasons for wanting to lose weight and improve your health.

You will discover your very OWN reasons for permanent lasting weight loss success.

Visualization Magic

In the Weight Loss Motivation Bible you are given a visualization secret that helps you to understand your relationship between your mind and body.

During this session Dr. Porter will help you to trigger the success of this technique at the deepest level of the mind possible.

As you allow the neurosensory algorithms to train your brain to balance and your life to change you will master the art and science of visualization to achieve all your goals.

High Value Exercise Your Key To Permanent Results

In life you get what you rehearse not always what you intent.

Most dieters fail at exercise so they lose muscle which in returns hurts their metabolism. During this session, Dr. Porter will be guiding you through the mental rehearsal that will help to put your exercise program on autopilot.

Learning that a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing you find the time and energy to exercise for lasting results.

Eliminate The Negative & Developing Positive Thoughts

During this session Dr. Porter will help you get to THE CORE Of Your Motivation To Lose Weight.

Tapping into this positive resource will help you eliminate the negative from your mind and body. Freeing your mind to build the positive mental resources that eliminate “fat thinking” for good.

You will realize the benefits of healthy thoughts creating healthy actions that will transform your life and body for good.

Use Reality to Motivate You!

While each of these powerful visualization sessions reinforce the concepts in the Weight Loss Motivation Bible, this session helps you tap one of the most powerful tools you can use to motivate yourself is to return to your natural and ideal weight.

You will face your own picture of your own reality.

You will discover if you are using the weight to hide from anything? Learn if you are being truthful with yourself, or are you deluded?

Then through the power of your subconscious discover the underlying positive intention of the weight and resolve to meet that intention in a way that supports you being naturally thin.

This is the true benefit of using your brain for a change.

Once you make the change at the level the problem was created you eliminate the old cause effect thinking and remain naturally thin!

With all this power included inside The Weight Loss Motivation Bible package, you can take control of your mind and your body right now for only $37 $27!

That's a small investment for a lifetime of knowledge and a dramatic change in your health and well-being that you won't want to abandon!

We’re talking about life changes so dramatic, so profound and so amazingly simple that you owe it to yourself to experience it first hand - I have been doing it for 20+ years - so I know what is waiting around the corner for you!

But I want to sweeten the deal even more for you if you ACT TODAY before this offer expires!

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Using these 77 powerful tactics, not only will you be motivated to implement the strategies in The Weight Loss Motivation Bible, but in addition, you will learn how to do anything else in life you desire - elevating your feelings of accomplishment and making failure in reaching your golas non-existent.

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How would you like to feel that way all the time?

This guide will take you there!

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This really is an opportunity to finally take charge of your efforts in losing weight with The Weight Loss Motivation Bible and maintain your new figure without much compromise or change in your life.


Now, let's recap...

You'll get my exclusive Weight Loss Motivation Bible - comprising over 20+ years of time tested results with fitness and weight loss clients just like yourself; 7 Strategic Mind Messaging MP3 Audio-Sessions, and three Fast Action Bonus - along with my guarantee that if you aren't TOTALLY, 100% Satisfied with this incredible package, I will refund your entire investment, no questions asked!

So isn't the only remaining question...


Claim Your Copy Now!
Yes Carolyn! I'm ready to for you to show me how to begin re-programming my mind so that it re-forms my body.
  • I want to begin using these simple strategies to quickly identify and permanently rid myself of what's been holding me back until now.

  • I'm ready to be the slim, fit, healthy, feel-good person that I evolved to be.

  • Yes, I want my life tomorrow to be better than it is today and I am ready for this instantly available download to show me how!

    I understand I'll be receiving:

    • Instant Access to the life changing Weight Loss Motivation Bible that will show me how to begin reprogramming my mind so that I no longer need to struggle with my body weight.

    • 7 Strategic Mind Messaging MP3 Audios with powerful visualization sessions that will reinforce the concepts in the Weight Loss Motivation Bible.

    • All the Additional Bonuses you have assembled for me TODAY!
Retail Value $197  Today $27

While I try as hard as possible NOT to make promises on this page, here's one you can take to the bank!

If after reading The Weight Loss Motivation Bible you still don't think my book lives up to the promise, or you are dissatisfied for any reason you can simply email me to request a prompt refund.

Seriously. If you turn out to be one of the few for whom my methods just don't strike a cord, then I don't want your money.

Of course, I have tried hard to over deliver on this product, and I think when it's in your hands you'll agree that I'm almost fanatical in my dedication to quality, because I know that's what it takes to make my clients happy.

Either way, because I use ClickBank to process orders, and because it is their policy, the refund guarantee is good for a full 60 days.

To Your Lifelong Maintenance Of A Slim Trim Mind And Physique,

Author, Fitness Center Owner and
Former National Champion Bodybuilder

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